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Boston’s The Prop Factory provides New England area clients with a full range of centerpiece options, wedding centerpiece ideas, christmas centerpiece and table centerpiece solutions, contemporary centerpieces, non-floral centerpiece and table decoration ideas. Event centerpieces are an integral aspect for your wedding, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, corporate event or any special occasion. They are usually the first things your guests will see and comment on when they first walk into your event space. When it comes to centerpiece designs, there are no limitations. Our centerpieces can consist of many materials, from floral and silks to miniature models with moving parts and flashing lights. A unique centerpiece will be talked about long after the event is over. Learn more about our acrylic centerpieces.

The Prop Factory provides the largest selection of centerpieces styles and options available in Boston.  Here are some of the highlights our event centerpieces provide:

  • Various heights
  • Photo accessories
  • Themes
  • Custom designs
  • Light bases
  • Acrylic construction
  • Custom graphics
  • LED Lighting
  • Fabric tailoring
  • Personalized signage
  • Table seating numbers
  • Theme accessories
  • centerpieces for your event in boston
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    Event Centerpieces

    The Prop Factory of Boston's in-stock centerpiece collection includes, baseball centerpieces, basketball centerpieces, football centerpieces, soccer centerpieces, hockey centerpieces, all sports centerpieces, trophy centerpieces, super star centerpieces, musical centerpieces, Hollywood centerpieces, movie camera centerpieces, ostrich feather centerpieces, mardi gras centerpieces, movie centerpieces and picture tube centerpieces.

    Our acrylic centerpiece collections are constructed in frosted acrylic and are available in many themes. They can also be customized with graphics and signage to drive home the theme of your event. These centerpieces can also be combined with our LED lights to guarantee the Wow reaction from all who see it.  MORE INFO About centerpieces

    Custom Centerpieces

    Custom centerpieces are our specialty. We can custom design a centerpiece around your theme and vision. There are no limitations to these centerpieces. By incorporating personal photos, logos, favorite candy or even amusement rides, we can personalize your event with uniqueness beyond expectation. Some of our most recent custom centerpieces included an all candy themed centerpieces with oversized graphics and 4 ft tall acrylic tubes filled with the clients’ favorite candy. Another custom centerpiece included album art works from the client’s favorite bands with matching place cards.

    The Prop Factory fully understands that centerpieces are a prominent decoration which should symbolize or represent the theme of the event. They are the key ingredient to dressing a table for a holiday party or any special event. The Centerpiece must be attractive enough to make it stand out from the rest of the party paraphernalia. It should also be positioned in such a way so as to catch the attention of all the guests. It should elicit the reaction of "Wow" or "How Cool" from all those who see it. There are centerpieces available for every occasion you could imagine, and a great centerpiece is always the topic of conversation at the table. MORE INFO