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Special Event Lighting

Event lighting rentals in Boston. We provide accent lighting, up lighting for walls that compliment your theme or colors, truss lighting and special order go-bo designs.  Let The Prop Factory be your event lighting company. Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, wedding receptions, corporate events or any other special event will benefit from event lighting solutions The Prop Factory can provide. Learn more about event lighting!

The Prop Factory provides all aspects of lighting from pin spotting table centerpieces to high energy dance floor lighting.  Here are some of the lighting services we provide:

  • Architectural lighting
  • Centerpiece lighting
  • Band lighting
  • Chandelier Lighting
  • Conventional Lighting
  • Illuminated truss towers
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Pin Spotting
  • Textured Lighting
  • Up Lighting
  • fire resistant drapes for your event in boston
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    Highlight key elements of your décor and turn otherwise ordinary architecture into dramatic borders or vignettes. Spotlight key stations, products, displays, or stage elements. Make sure not to forget the sometimes overlooked areas that can definitely benefit from lighting. (I.e. centerpieces, dance floors and exterior lighting). Add specialty effects to suit any theme or occasion, grand entrance or presentation Deliver you message brilliantly and tastefully with custom pattern and image projection, your name, your logo, or any message and image you can imagine. Combine lighting images with video or multi-image for a complete presentation solution.

    Event Lighting with LED Technology
    Intelligent LED lighting products such as Glo-Towers® are both stylish, as well as functional. These types of lighting elements can be placed throughout the event’s location to add both ambient and theatrical lighting. LED lighting gives you many choices of colors and color combinations that are unavailable with conventional lighting. The ability to also color match the lighting package with your event’s theme offers a much more personalized look and feel. The resulting lighting effect using Glo-Bars® and Glo-Tables® create an exciting atmosphere that your guests will remember long after your event is over. MORE INFO